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Plenty of genuine Army Surplus! Clothing including BDU’s, Field Jackets, Wool Sweaters, Wool Pea Coats, Backpacks, Tactical Equipment, lots of Camouflage and several one of a kind items. Plus we have great T-shirts, hats and fun items too.

Military surplus are goods, usually matériel, that are sold or otherwise disposed of when no longer needed by the military. Entrepreneurs often buy these goods and resell them at surplus stores. Military surplus rarely includes weapons or munitions, though they are occasionally found in such stores. Usually the goods sold by the military are clothing, equipment, and tools of a generally useful nature. Also, embroidered patches, name tags, and other items that can be used with a military uniform. Occasionally, vehicles will be sold as well (jeeps, trucks, etc.).

Demand for such items comes from various collectors, survivalists, and fans of airsoft guns and paintball.

New in Surplus

Pea Coats

Pea Coats

Pea coats are generally navy colored and made with wool and originally work by sailors, pilots firemen and naval officers to name just a few, however today the fashion and design of Pea Coats has become a genuine surplus garment and can provide great protection against harsh, cold, winter weather..[READ|SHARE].



BDU’s or Battle Dress Uniforms are used by the United States armed forces as apparel for combat situations. BDU’s are based primarily on the colors of the woodlands, jungles and tropical environments and more commonly known as camouflage. The uniforms come in a large section of pants, shorts, jackets, footwear, shirts and are primarily used for protection from harsh weather and disguise in armed tactical situations like law enforcement, military protection, SWAT sieges, paintball, and even costume or dress up events.  .[READ|SHARE].

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